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5 Rules for Decorating with Bright Colours

By Kate Forman

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With vibrant Spring flowers everywhere this time of year it’s no surprise we tend to gravitate towards decorating with bright colours.
But it can be daunting transforming your home with beautifully bold colour schemes, so I’ve come up with a few golden rules to abide by:

1. Keep your colours anchored

When it comes to bright colours and striking patterns, it’s a good idea to pick a neutral colour for your scheme to fall back on. White is a great shade for Spring: it’s fresh, clean and uplifting!

2. Don’t be afraid to make a statement

If you fall in love with a particular pattern or colour, don’t be scared to scale it up. It’s too easy to simply add a cushion here and there. Why not reupholster a chair or indulge in some striking curtains.


3. Don’t forget the walls

It’s so easy to decorate your space and forget about the walls. They tend to be blank canvases to hang curtains against or place lampshades in front of. But why not decorate the canvas itself, that’s what it’s there for after all. Try a striking wallpaper or that bold paint colour you’ve never been brave enough to use.


4. Mix & match

Thinking of going bright in the sunny weather? One lampshade just won’t do. I can’t resist jumbling together colours and patterns to create a stunning effect. Whether you include every single colour you love, or stick to a couple of tones and play with pattern instead.


5. Do what makes you happy!

The most important rule of interiors; decorate to your taste and no one else’s.
Does your home make you smile? Or are you in need of a refresh? Why not experiment decorating with bright colours for 2017, I’d love to see your results! Tag me in your snaps on Instagram.



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