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The Beauty of Velvet

By Kate Forman

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The Beauty of Velvet

Now on my fifth colourway, with more in the pipeline for later this year, it’s fairly obvious how much I love this cotton composition! It’s simply wonderful depth of colour and texture is incomparable. The magical way the pile creates ever-changing shades of beautiful light means this fabric could never look or feel flat in any way at all. That exquisite feeling when curling up in velvet is an entirely different experience to that of any other weave and the more ‘lived in’ it gets the better it looks. It is without doubt the most practical of all fabrics due to its ability to take such heavy usage. (How many times have I come downstairs in the morning to find a sleeping teenager on our beloved Mole velvet sofa along with its constant everyday use, it still looks as good as the day we got it!) In my view no sitting room should be without some piece of velvet upholstery if not for its sumptuous look but also to help break up and give some contrast to the layering of other textiles used. If not upholstery then certainly a smothering of cushions …scattered like delicious jewels at random and sitting perfectly against a backdrop of natural linen. Rich, cosy and warm in the winter, light reflecting and soft in the summer, however you use this glorious fabric the transformation to opulent and luxurious is immediate.

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