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How to brighten up your home in winter

By Kate Forman

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…with cleverly placed lamps and cosy linens

The clocks have gone back and while that means lighter mornings (for a week or two!) it also means the nights are drawing in. But just because the weather is bleak outside, it doesn’t mean your interiors should be! In fact, there’s little more enjoyable than closing the curtains on a frosty evening, turning on your favourite accent lamp and settling in for the night – instant Winter cosiness. I find myself not really using overhead lighting on Winter evenings, table lamps, floor lamps and candles are all in constant use. Low-level lighting creates that delicious feeling of intimacy that makes Winter a wonderful time of year (instead of just a cold one!)
I’m a big fan of Pooky Lights for lamp bases and always keep in mind the blog post they wrote about the importance of layering light. In particular the importance of decorative lighting; we mustn’t forget that although lamps are functional, when lit they create a point of focus in your space, so it’s important your lighting is a beautiful as it is practical.

Choose your shade style.  


The dramatic impact of large cylinder and drum shades work perfectly in more contemporary styles. I particularly love using my new collection Anoushka stripe across these statement shades, the horizontal pattern just looks so striking.


Empire shades are an absolutely timeless style, that can really suit any scheme. But I think this classic look really shines in more traditional settings. The ruched variation of the empire shade is another example of this, a lovely style for adding texture and warmth into your interiors; the way the light diffuses really is very pretty!

Lighting do’s and don’ts for Winter. 


– change your Summer shades for Wintery tones, whether that’s warm reds and aubergines, or deep charcoals and blues.
– add co-ordinating pairs of lamps for a more formal striking look.
– go for a statement lamp base, Pooky Lights has a great selection!


– under-light your rooms. When it comes to creating cosy, more soft lighting is definitely more, one lamp just isn’t enough.
– buy a shade too small for your lamp, if in doubt bigger is usually better.
– be afraid of bold patterns on lampshades, it’s a great place a make a statement and so easily changed!

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