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How to Mix Patterns in Your Home

By Kate Forman

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Kate’s Top 5 Ways to Mix Patterns Well

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to decorating with patterns. It’s all very well flicking through immaculately styled pictures in glossy home magazines, but how do you apply that to your own home? Well I’m going to share my top tips on how to mix patterns successfully in your home décor.

1. Colour co-ordinate

One of the simplest ways to guarantee pattern perfection is to mix design but keep colours the same, or at least from within the same palette. Limiting your palette has a unifying effect, so don’t be afraid to go for really bold patterns if you follow this rule; especially if placed on a neutral base colour like this Light Plain linen sofa.

Light Plain Sofa With Cushions Teaser

2. Match tones, mix colours

If you do decide to use more than one colour, picking out a tone from the boldest pattern is a good way to tie different designs together, in a completely unrestricted way. The yellow tones from Florence work wonderfully here with Margot Yellow, pulling two bold patterns together effortlessly!

Florence Kitchen


3. Start big

A good technique is to start with your largest pattern and use it as a base to pick out your smaller designs and solid colours. The striking pattern on the valance here, is the perfect starting point to pull inspiration for your other pieces. Delicate Amy and pretty Beatrice work wonderfully with the larger print.

Beatrice Chair

4. On the wall

When using pattern on your walls, don’t forget to consider scale. Your wallpaper should be your starting point, here I’ve used Roses Oyster which has a fairly large print.

Try not to match your pattern sizes when it comes to wallpaper, I’ve paired the large Roses design with delicate Kitty on the bed. Stripe Charcoal here shows how well crisp, structured designs contrast and compliment faded florals. By not using the same size patterns you’re less likely to clash designs.

Oyster Roses Wallpaper

5. Naturally Neutral

If there are certain designs you love but are unsure how to mix different colours in, go neutral! My pale grey and oyster colourways are perfect for this approach. The best part? You can treat the neutral mix as a block colour and add further colour and pattern in other areas of the room. This soft and subtle look means the space won’t be overwhelmed but you won’t miss out on the pretty detailing of gorgeous patterns.


I hope that’s given you some ideas of how to use patterns effectively in your home and, as always, I’d love to see your results. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter!

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