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Summer Florals for the Home

By Kate Forman

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2 ways to use the floral trend in your home decor this Summer

From ancient China to medieval India, flowers and floral motifs have long inspired textile artists. There’s just something about a flower, we always have them dotted around the studio; a flower at your desk is just so uplifting, it doesn’t matter if they’re fresh or more Abigail Ahern! Whether it’s a single stem or a giant bunch of blooms, I think flowers absolutely inspire creativity.

My original collection of fabrics definitely reflected my love for florals. From the classic Roses, to the beautifully antique look of Christobel. My fabric design has certainly evolved and shifted, but my love for florals remains unchanged; from ditzy Ella to bold and beautiful Daisy cotton, no matter how contemporary the design, the motif endures.

Every year when Summer comes around, interiors magazines come into bloom and floral fabrics burst onto every cover. This year I’ve noticed wildflowers are everywhere, from whimsical weddings to upholstery. With their haphazard bunches of mixed foliage and flowers; wildflowers are a wonderful, quintessentially British look.

It’s no surprise that florals are so perennially popular in the home, a well placed cushion can lift a room just as much a a beautiful bunch of blooms! So this Summer why not try one of my 2 ways to use florals in the home, whatever your style…

English Country Garden vs Indian Summers

 Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.11.04

English Country Garden

One for the lovers of all things sweet and vintage; Isobella has been so popular this season. The vintage floral spray in more contemporary tones works perfectly with beautifully bold, or more muted colour schemes. Summer is absolutely the season where you can slip a little more floral into your decor than usual, so don’t be afraid to upholster a large piece too!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 14.24.59

Indian Summers

If your style is a little more contemporary, try larger floral designs with a more graphical styling, like Daisy cotton. The deep colour creates a warm, exotic feel that lends itself perfectly to sunny days. Whether you’re in need of a hint of floral on a cushion, or a big impact on stunning curtains, Daisy is a beautiful example of contemporary floral design.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 14.18.10
 Whichever type of floral suits your style, I’d love to see how you use it, tag us in your pictures on Instagram!

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