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Wallpaper and Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions

We recommend dry-cleaning only.

Wallpaper Hanging Guidelines

  1. Measure height of wall to be papered
  2. Use this measurement to measure and cut paper allowing extra at the top and bottom so you can place the paper slightly proud of the wall, top and bottom.
  3. Using premixed Solvite or Polycel wall paper paste, place
  4. paste directly onto the wall – not the paper.
  5. Place the paper to the wall brushing out any bubbles to maintain a flush finish with the wall. Cut off excess at top and bottom.
  6. Cut the next drop of paper to match the first drop allowing a little extra.
  7. To match up the edges of the paper tear off perforated edges then place the paper to overlap the edge of the first pasted drop by 1-2cm so the design meets. Take a sharp good quality Stanley Knife and cut through the centre of the two joined pieces of paper. Carefully peel off this edge on both sides to reveal a perfect met edge. Apply pressure with a mini roller to ensure a good contact with the wall.