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As the Autumn season gently moves into Winter, with it comes a definite change of light. With a cooler filter and earthy colours more evident, our own environment also starts to take on a different impression.

Here I have chosen some images which portray precisely this, in one of my most favourite of all locations we use to photograph. It’s a wonderfully unmodernised house in London which I think evokes the mood of this time of year perfectly. There is nothing more harmonious than the subtle colour pallet and natural feel of linen in this stunning atmospheric setting.

As we start to nestle in for the winter months, it’s this very time of year when I find I want to start layering textiles and changing accessories to suit the different light and feel winter brings; often introducing soft warm reds and pinks in cushions, bed throws and light shades. This is the time of year for restyling and rearranging the house in preparation for all that winter brings in celebrating festive days and filling the house with friends and family.

It’s such a special time of year and one when our homes really do reflect the season more than any other…


Ophelia Chair

Octavia has all of nature’s soft colours, mixed with the golden glow of Yellow Josephine. In this beautifully relaxed room, with its raw floorboards and stripped window frames, you have shabby sophistication at its best!

This cosy study, with the soft warm Red Josephine at the window, has a really good look. The scrubbed old table, used as a desk, is right up my street. By contrast, the cool angle poise lamps bring in a more contemporary element which is always a winner!

This is one of my favourite photographs. I just adore the colour of pale unpainted pink plaster as a backdrop to eclectic art. The soft mole velvet sofa, piled with more pink cushions, and strong ethnic rug set it all off, its design magic!

You might think Isobella, with all its charming femininity, might only be for the bedroom but this is definitely not the case. We used it here in this little sitting room with a chunky old sofa covered in our raspberry red velvet and Persian rug to show you can mix pretty with masculine downstairs perfectly well.

…but of course, it looks absolute heaven upstairs too!

Just how relaxed yet elegant is this tumbling fall of pink Agnes linen in this seriously beautiful stairway?

Red Josephine again… a colour so evocative of all that we want to surround ourselves with in the cold light of winter, as captured here.

The distressed yellow of these gorgeous old walls, coupled with the seriously pretty pink of the Ophelia linen on the sofa and set in this fantastically opulent room has all the right elements of faded grandeur I find so appealing in this house.

A close up in the same room, this Genevieve cushion looks like it was always meant for this setting and such a perfect complement to the Ophelia design.

This is actually a different house with a similar sort of look but still makes me think of winter, not due to its warmth, the very opposite in fact. This drawing room has a lovely calmness to it with its pale limed wood. One elegant sofa in our deep aubergine was all that was needed in this stunning atmospheric space.

Photographed in the same room, this Anouska design is the real king of all the charcoals, in my opinion.  It’s chic, it’s bold, it really is a statement design. 

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